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Friday, September 24, 2010

PDC board now has Adams majority

Here's the newest commissioner of the Portland Development Commission -- the third appointed by Portland's peripathetic mayor. The third-to-last Potter appointment, Bertha Ferrán, already has had her name taken off the door.

The new director, Aneshka Colas-Dickson, works for a family construction company that among other things is a player in the proposal to turn the once-scary and long-abandoned Grant Warehouse property at NE Fremont and MLK into multi-family housing. Who in their right mind would finance a project like that in this economy is anybody's guess. But hey, we're senselessly building more junk boxes up on Killingsworth -- why not Fremont? And at this point, the city government is obviously figuring that anything's better than an empty lot.

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Something is rotten in the state of Portlandia....

I believe that Colas-Dickson is making a bad career move. Sam has two more years to totally self destruct and he will. Anyone connected with him will tarnished big time.

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