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Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama? Civil liberties? Not really.

The government spooks just keep crawling further and further up your business.

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Rumor is, all of Salem's hundreds of traffic light/intersection video cameras are being converted into a city-wide surveillance network.

Hope and change requires unanimity of thought. All distracting opinions must be tracked for their sources and dealt with. This guy is a big improvement over Bush.

I am removing any personal info I can from the Internet.

Abe - the cameras used for traffic signal detection are of such low resolution that they are almost useless for surveillance. They are black-and-white cameras that you can't even make out a license plate from. They are also fixed focus and fixed position - many of them, all you can see is the roadway - you wouldn't be able to see someone standing on the sidewalk.

The cameras that ODOT has installed throughout the Portland area are better as they have tilt/pan/zoom functions and are color and slightly better resolution, but they still aren't great for surveillance purposes.

When you start seeing the black "dome" camera housings installed...then be worried.

I'm fine with the gov't asking for these changes to keep up with technology. But, I'm only fine with it so long as the law requires them to go ask a judge for permission to get the information. The whole warrantless thing bothers me to no end.

They don't call it "Homeland" security for nothing. It has been obvious for years that the economy was going to collapse and that there would be millions of citizens getting pretty damn pissed.

The government minion's (Republican or Democrat) only real job is to protect the upper 1% from the rest of us.

I guess "liberty and justice for all" has become a dangerous concept.

The Patriot Act is stronger than ever. Last Friday, the FBI raided the homes and offices of antiwar activists in Chicago and Minneapolis, including the residence of Coleen Rowley, former FBI special agent, who is certainly remembered for trying her best to warn the FBI, the Bushleague government, and the nation of the threat of imminent terrorist action in 2001.

Computers, phones, and other possessions were seized from the homes and offices of those raided.

The NYT, including Charlie Savage, a very competent reporter, has, like mainstream electronic media, ignored the raids and invitations to testify before a grand jury. Fortunately, Democracy Now! has provided some coverage in the form of interviews with some of the individuals raided:

Ms Rowley's description of what occurred is especially intriguing because she has been conscientious in her defense of First Amendment rights in the face of the wide discretion enjoyed by the FBI and the government under the Patriot Act.

The FBI and government are not represented so far in Democracy Now!'s reportage.

The best part of the video surveilance arguments by governments are when they go on to pass laws making it illegal for citizens to record cops as in Maryland, Illinois and Mass.. Second best is when video exists and it shows the cops in a bad light, it often disappears. Such as that recent Costco shooting in Las Vegas (retired Army man with concealed carry weapon shot in the back 5 times by cops).

Gardiner Menefree,
Could you give me a source for Coleen Rowley's home being raided? Isn't she a guest on this show but not one of the actual people raided?

Bill McD, Democracy Now! has provided the only coverage I've seen or heard; Thom Hartmann mentioned it as a headline this morning on his national cable show (via FSTV), which follows Democracy Now! (also available via KBOO). Earlier today, the site noted above included a preliminary transcript of the interviews.

Coleen Rowley, who appeared to be in MN, was interviewed by anchor Amy Goodman in NYC; Ms Rowley said that the home she shares with her domestic partner and daughter was raided Friday and subpoenas were given to both her and her mate. Their computers, phones, and other items were seized by the FBI. So it would appear that this courageous woman (so recognized by Time in 2002), who was a whistleblower in the FBI's bungled anti-terrorism effort prior to 9/11/01, has become a target of a terrorism investigation.

Coleen Rowley is not the only person targeted by the FBI. At this time, there seem to be eight (8) people from Chicago and Minneapolis whose property has been raided and to whom subpoenas have been served. She is, however, the most articulate target.

Look, I may be missing something here but where does it say Colleen Rowley's home was raided?
Just go to the transcript and cut and paste that part. I think this is a huge story either way, but to have a 9/11 whistle-blowing former FBI agent raided is very powerful, but the problem is, I can't find that part in the transcript!
Where is it?

Bill McD,
Ten thousand apologies. You are absolutely correct: Coleen Rowley was indeed a guest on the program, NOT a target of the FBI investigation. She has NOT been served with a subpoena.

I was listening to the radio broadcast on 'BOO, 7-8 this A, and, in my grogginess, misheard the intros.

Big Brother Obama.

More and more every day.

No problem, Gardiner. The story is still plenty scary.

You voted for him. Why complain?

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