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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mount Hood finally makes it onto a quarter

Passed over in favor of Crater Lake back when the 50 state quarters rolled around to Oregon in 2005, Mount Hood now makes an appearance in a new series of quarters called "America the Beautfiul":

The other initial entries are the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Hot Springs National Park (in Arkansas). Good company. Eventually all 50 states, D.C., and five conquered territories will be included.

Now that we're snail-mailing fewer letters and bills than ever, it appears that the Mint is going to pump out new commemorative coins year after year the way the Post Office used to do with stamps. It taps the collector market nicely, and we suppose it does no harm. The U.S. dollar commands less and less respect as a medium of exchange, but it sure is pretty.

Comments (7)

The U.S. dollar commands less and less respect as a medium of exchange

I'm not seeing that. Where are you seeing it?

Here, for example.

Respect for the US dollar has always been a topic of conversation between people working in international markets. Lately, the talk hasn't been flattering toward the dollar. Donald Trump has some interesting things to say about the issue.

Interesting perspective of Mt. Hood on the coin. The lake looks like Trillium Lake which is SE of Hood, but the mountain is a due west view showing Yocum Ridge, Reid Glacier, and Illumination Rock. I guess even the US Mint is using Photoshop.

Someone's illustration, not PS. The tree line is similar to Trillium, the mountain looks like from Lost lake.

A composite of Mt Hood. Nice!

That's a ridiculous version. I don't think there is anyplace where you can get a view like that.

They should have just stuck with Trillium Lake view.

Ack! I stand corrected. It is the accurate view from Lost Lake:


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