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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

License to quip

Here's a cute publicity stunt: On Friday, the City of Portland is going to turn two downtown parking spaces into a mini-"park" for a day. It's part of an international event called Park(ing) Day, where people all over the world will be doing this. (Interestingly, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Huffman actually did it, before anybody else probably, around 30 years ago.)

Let the jokes begin. Will there be an off-leash area for this guy? Will you get a $34 ticket if you sit on the grass and your derriere extends over the space line? Do you have to put a parking meter sticker on your forehead? What if it's one of the new ones, which aren't sticky? Will Jim Francesconi try to have one of the parking spaces sold on the sly to Warner Pacific College? Will hipster cyclists come roaring through on kiddie bikes, just for a thrill?

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"Will hipster cyclists come roaring through on kiddie bikes, just for a thrill?"

clothed or unclothed? (shudders)

Sadly, Metro has already let a developer in SoWhat transfer the air rights over that park.

I'm claiming mineral rights. Can I smoke in these parks/ Drink? Do the dirty? Will Sam be cruising these parks?

This city is going to hell in a hand basket and the idiots at city hall come up with this. My god, they sure don’t have enough to do down there. I would love to see a news article of how the city cut 50% of the entire commissioner’s staff. I am so sick of this crap. As soon as I can get out of Portland and Multnomah County the better.

What a stupid waste of money.

Will there be a loo?

Will they take out 20% of the spaces for bioswales?

How much did they pay in consulting fees before making the decision to do this? Did they bid out the consulting gig or fast track it to someone's buddy?

Is PDC going to declare this an area of urban renewal and thus part of the TIF program?

Not that we can't have a lot of fun with these comments, but this has been done in Portland for the past couple of years, at least. I think at least some of the time and effort came from private individuals and businesses, and there were some interesting spaces.

Then again, how do you increase density in a parking space ;)

They did it last year too. I drove past one and the people using it were making fools of themselves. It was like having a picnic in the most stupid place imaginable.

Maybe I'll use that as an excuse to drive my car on the Springwater Trail...or through the middle of a park.

I'm lobbying for park-your-SUV-in-a-bikelane day

d, the best. You have my support and I'll join you, and I'll pay the equal fee(s) as incurred by these fake parks. I think you got an idea that can easily mushroom. Do it!

What became of Mill Ends Park, the 30-square foot traffic island that Oregon Journal columnist Dick Fagan got named a city park 40 or so years ago?

Anyone remember?

I think it's still there.

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