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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big daddies kick off season this evening

The Minnesota Vikings visit the New Orleans Saints at 5:30 p.m. West Coast time to mark the start of another pro football season. If the Vikes are your pick this week in our underdog pool, we must receive that pick by e-mail before game time.

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Go Vikings! Still hurting from Favre's bad decision to pass instead of run near the end of last year's NFC championship game. At least he has one ring. Colin Coward has it right about Favre. He's no Peyton Manning but he sure is a fun story.

Baseball is fun for drinking beer and being lazy on a warm summer day, but there's nothin like the NFL and maybe NCAA football to bring the electricity. Soccer? Are you kiddin me. It's only a little better than watching a pancake go cold. In this respect, Portland city hall made yet another bad decision in going with soccer. You get about 14 home games versus what 50 to 60 with triple A baseball. But that's Portland city hall: if something is working (for over 100 years in this case), replace it with something marginal or worse.

Bob Clark - You missed mentioning that kick-ball for overgrown kids also displaced NCAA football games from downtown Portland. Where will our local Vikings be playing and how hard will it be for the student body to go see them?

The PSU Vikings wiil be playing here,

Thanks Bad Brad, I knew that. How far is it from campus and what public transportation is available on a Saturday afternoon? Just curious.

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