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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

When you blow up dams, these guys show up. Interesting that even Jason Atkinson is fixing to stop them.

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Dredgeing or worse yet hydraulic mining should be completely banned on the Rogue and any other stream with anything approaching a "natural" ecosystem.

I don't begrudge the miners plying their trade, I'd see an occasional dredge at work while spending some fruitful early morning hours fishing below Gold Ray Dam. They should however be regulated with on-site compliance inspections to minimize environmental impact including noise suppression. Congress should exclude all '''Wild & Scenic" designated water from dredge mining claims. Good riddance to the dam. I wonder if the fishing improves?

This vacuum dredging may be the best thing to repair the damage left by the dam.
Keep in mind, once the settlement behind the dam has been sifted through, little gold remains and removes the attraction. The sluiced gravel is a more natural state for egg production when it is that time of year. This is hardly the hydraulic mining that destroyed a lot of streams in Cali.
A civil chat about mufflers would go a long way.

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