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Monday, September 27, 2010

A MacArthur Fellow for Oregon State

Also known as a "genius award," this is about as cool as it gets. Congratulations to Kelly Benoit-Bird.

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Wow. For a genius, she does a great job of explaining her work in easily understood terms.

I dug around in the site--the Fellowship comes with a $500,000 award!

I knew a genius and that's one sign: They can explain things in simple terms. It's the intermediate brains that sound intelligent who can't put it in easily understood laymen's terms. This guy was so smart when I'd ask him a question in college, he'd say something like, "I wondered that myself back in 3rd grade" and he was totally sincere - not trying to be mean.
By the way, my family won one of these awards: My cousin's wife came through, leaving me to ask my own wife why she couldn't step up her game a little.

Dear Ms. Benoit-Bird; Would you please clone yourself and assign Your various sisters a variety of social ills which are in dire need of solutions. Thanks genop

Heck, they're just another bunch of diverse politically correct geeky run-of-the-mill dime-a-dozen geniuses.

More seriously, this is a great sort of recognition,especially since we don't have a Queen's List to honor achievement.

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