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Saturday, August 28, 2010

You better sit down, Qwest

I'll tell you why, Qwest: Google's offering free phone calls anywhere in North America from any computer that's got a microphone and a Gmail account attached to it. And in our first experiments with it, it's worked as well as a cell phone call. The only drawback (if it is one) is that you don't show up as yourself on the call recipient's caller ID.

Say your prayers before you go to bed, make sure you get yourself to school on time...

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I have been using Google voice for over a year:))

Google voice could never call your home phone. It can now.

As for Qwest, they're being swallowed by a much smaller company out of Louisiana. They're telling us we won't be able to tell the difference. Given the number of Qwest products I presently subscribe to, they're probably right.

And driving with the laptop on the wheel is a cinch!

Hey...it's not a cellphone.

Well, not completely free. Either you pay Qwest or pay another IP for access. I don't think I can get Qwest IP without the basic phone, at least for the add on price for the IP from them, or Comcast, for that matter!

I was thinking Cher.

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