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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What they like about Sam the Tram

Portland's bizarre mayor knows how to do as he's told. Now David Bragdon of Metro, a key player in the old boy network, is publicly in love with Sam over the latter's impressive leadership on the Interstate 5 bridge deal. Oh yeah, things are going swimmingly:

[O]ther questions facing the project... include whether the current proposed design is workable. It calls for enclosing a light rail line, bicycle path and pedestrian walkway in a open-sided box beneath the motor vehicle lanes. Panel Chairman Tom Warne called the design unique, saying no such bridge of this length has ever been built before. Warne, a civil engineer, said more study and testing must be done to prove the design will work.
We're talking remarkable progress here, aren't we, with only $100 million spent so far?

Anyway, the old boys all love the Tramster when he's so easy. Handing over Hayden Island for a serious paving job at the hands of the other network cabal, running the Port of Portland, is doubtlessly part of the deal that has earned the mayor his latest gold star from the Arlington Club set. I remember when the Beau Breedlove scandal blew and they stood behind him in the City Hall lobby. Many Neilies were there, protecting their fragile investment.

The Bragdon-Adams love fest is eerily reminiscent of Fireman Randy's glowing testimonial to the mayor when Sam ditched the police chief and installed Randy's pick, Mike Reese, in the job back in May. "Skilled leadership," when you do what Randy wants.

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Makes you want to puke, doesn't it?

Bragdon's casually looking for a new job. Coincidentally.

What's fascinating to me is that Bragdon called the 12-lane proposal a "jumbo", but this proposal--which is basically 2 less lanes and some hand-waving about "better" design for Hayden Island--is "just right" to him.

Let's be clear: Bragdon, Adams, and Leavitt don't get to determine the final project design, or what gets built, or much of anything at all. they get to recommend, and grandstand a lot with their pet versions of what a "good" bridge is.

Bragdon, Adams, and Leavitt all want to see a bridge built. Why? Not because they have an overriding concern about "congestion", but because it means hundreds of millions in federal funds. For Adams and Leavitt, it means a chance to flog their ego and look good when they (inevitably) run for re-election.

But more simply than that, Bragdon's so-called "working for the people" makes me gag. It's a gigantic, expensive, pollution-supporting, resource-sucking, traffic encouraging bridge. Acting as if public masturbation about about the number of lanes is going to make some meaningful difference is complete crap.

Gag? Puke? Seriously, I am thinking along the lines of blowing major chunks........ at this d**chebaggery

Like I said, Bragdon is looking for a job.

And he found one:


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