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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We're No. 1

Replacing the windows on the vacant Mount St. Helens visitor center came in as the nation's most wasteful stimulus project in this tighty-righty list of 100.

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What is truly sad is that the Forest Service had to close the visitor's center. It is a lovely place and was very educational too.
The new scary scheme of 'public/private partnership' is disturbing!

I disagree, the million spent on the “Sharrows” street painting of bicycle symbols had to be number one.

"tighty-righty" or not, the list is valid. As is the point of it! Would you have framed it as a 'lefty-loosy' list if the Dems had assembled it?!

Not sure why you portrayed this as a righty tighty list. It's mainly pointing out what is wrong with govt spending these days.

In no way do I think Obama, Pelosi or Reid sat there and individually approved even a single one of these projects. This sort of wastefull crap happens no matter who is in charge and is part of what needs fixing.


That Jared Bernstein posting is an aboslute joke and is typical of the WH spin that is occuring daily.

He writes: "...the Recovery Act helped to end the Great Recession". That's right, a Chief Economic Advisor in the White House is again proclaiming an end to the "Great Recession"...pretty optimistic I'd say.

Also, saying that only 5 of the 100 cited projects weren't part of the recovery act hardly qualifies him as a Myth Buster.

Just another example of how the WH needs to pull its head out of its backside.

Not only was Coldwater Ridge challenged by lack of funding for staff, but it was completely eclipsed by the vastly superior Johnston Ridge Visitor Center built higher up the mountain. Coldwater Ridge should not have been built in the first place. It is one of 3 visitors centers designed to educate and interpret the landscape for us. Enough already...

App some projects they list aren't even in the stimulus act.

Waste is waste. It doesn't matter which "pot of money" the funding comes out of. If these projects weren't pork, they would be sent through the normal appropriations process, where they could be fairly reviewed.

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