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Monday, August 30, 2010

Super Carole postpones the inevitable

The Portland school board says it will burn $22 million in reserves rather than cut services any further in the coming school year. Let's hope their financial picture doesn't get any worse.

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I say we hope for ponies who poop gold nuggets, pee high-test, and can do quadratic equations too. I mean, while we're wishing like that anyway.

Gee, too bad Portland gave $11 million of school money to the developer weasels.

See: http://www.portlandfacts.com/ur/priceofur.htm


Just kick the can down the road. Its what this entire administration is doing with every problem in America.

You forgot, "All Bush's fault."

Mister Tee, don't you ever have anything original or thoughtful to say? Just sayin'

The Prophet gave a speech blaming the current economy on "the decisions of the past 10 years," as if the Federal Government is the only input affecting economic health. SamTram has blamed bush for Portland's high unemployment...Just saying.

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