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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stepmom fever -- sick of it yet?

I want to see news photos of Terri Horman on exactly three more occasions. Today -- she and Steve Houze making a totally unnecessary scene at some minor procedural divorce hearing -- was not one of them.

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Are those three events her arrest, arraignment and conviction?

I was standing just behind the line of cameras when Terry and Steve left by the back door of the courthouse, but only because I happened to be passing when the spectacle occurred.

Their appearance was about the worst kept secret in town today.

Although I was a little disappointed not to see Kaine Horman sporting a pair of shorts and a slightly musty MISSING t-shirt.

I'd go for trial, sentences and public burning at the stake. Yes, that's what I think she is...

meant sentencing...

It's cheap news and just what the TV folks need and especially now with Doctor No cutting his ad budget. Don't like it then buy a mattress or two.

I keep thinking, what if Terri Horman DIDN'T
do anything to Kyron. Yes there are some very strange things here, but what if...?
Just a thought.

1. mugshot
2. post-conviction shot (head buried in her arms on counsel table sobbing to Houze "does this mean I can't send sext messages anymore or pretend to go to the gym? Is there a Krispy Kreme in Coffey Creek?")
3. obit pic (lots of angry women in prison who can't see their children, many for overblown drug charges - just not sure how long she'll last in there.

Still so surprised she isn't represented in her family law case by her doppelganger, the only woman in Portland with a reputation similar to Terri's.

I have always heard that a good D.A. can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich?

Mister Tee - The yokel ham sandwich maker is high on conviction rate. There will be no indictment unless he's sure they can convict.

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