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Thursday, August 26, 2010

State budget hole: Now it's up to $1.3 billion

But hey, all aboard for that billion-dollar-plus Milwaukie light rail -- Linchpin City!

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To me, the daddest part of all of this is the continuing refusal of the "governor" and the "leaders" of the absolute majorities in each house of the legislature to actuall "govern" or "lead".

Not all state agencies or state programs are of equal importance.

Yet the only response is to cut every program by the same percentage.

Except thjose programs where the "governor" and the "leaders" are going to be held hostage by the educarion industry unions. For those, the "governor" and "leaders" will raid the piggybank.

God forbid the teachers' unions' members face the reality of what the unemployed from the private sector have had to face over the last three years.

What does Kitzhaber have planned to fix the shortfalls? Targeted cuts, or more of the same?

Dudly is talking the talk about spending cuts. I wonder if he can walk the walk? I doubt it.

I am totally unconvinced that a special session, a very costly venture, makes any sense whatsoever. How about any legislators who want to hold a special session offer to pay for it? Every legislator who wants to hold a special session raise your hand and be counted -- take the complete cost of the session and bill the two parties in proportion to their share of support for the session. When the parties deliver their share of the funding, open the session. Otherwise, not.

George, what is the cost of the legislature being in session? It's not that much. Our legislators are already being paid (a very small salary), so let's put them to work. The only added cost would be their per diems of $100/day -- $9,000 a day for all legislators, $270,000 for a month (and it won't take a month). Add some staff costs, you might be talking about $1 million.

The idea that it's "too expensive" for our elected leaders to do their jobs is bizarre. The economic situation today is different than it was 12 months ago. Oregonians deserve a more rational approach to dealing with these changing forecasts than just across-the-board cuts.

Gee that number sounds pretty bad, Looks like they might do something drastic like not get new furniture for the legislature or something dire like that.

I mean I hear all these numbers, but about the only thing I ever hear is a reduction in customer service, never anything like efficiency improvements or headcount reduction at ODOT or shutting down agencies like OLCC.

We need this project in order to make Milwaukie a World Class Wide Spot in the road.

Nonny- While I do not have much sympathy for the teacher unions, the *first* place to cut the pork in education is at the admin level. Not a single person in admin should make more than the average teacher salary in the district... they are not "managing" within a financially competitive (or well defined in any other matter) market; they have jobs far easier than the a Target or Walmart manager.

"Oregonians deserve a more rational approach to dealing with these changing forecasts than just across-the-board cuts."

What's that got to do with bringing back the Legislature just months from an election?

Good luck with that rationality stuff.

What does Kitz plan to do? Here is my guess of the basic Kitzhaber program.

Protect the public employees unions. Always and everywhere. Now and forever.

Threaten shutdowns of government's primary responsibilities -- schools, public safety, roads -- unless massive tax increases are enacted.

Use money from said increases to placate demands from public employees and their unions.


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