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Friday, August 27, 2010

Roughed up by the feds

The Federal Aviation Administration has gone a little over the top with this one. [Via KGW.]

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Geeze! What a waste of taxpayer money! Here are the feds going after nonprofits for the improper use of pronouns when the banksters get away with the murder of the USA financial system!
Our nation is doomed!

This type of stuff makes me so pissed off! The FAA obvisouly has too much time on it's hands and too much money in it's budget. Air ambulance services, especially in rural areas are so important for saving lives. The FAA is way out of line with this fine, considering the "offense."

Who is the victim here?

When is it OK to say that you possess something? Can I legally say I own my home, even though it's mortgaged for the next 29 years? How about my car, even though I still have two years of car payments to make? Do I have a job, even though that job is "owned" by my employer and subject to termination at will? Must I now claim that whenever I claim something as mine?

I don't think anyone who needs the services of Mercy Flight gives a rat's a*s about who actually owns the plane whether it's the organization or some LLC formed (many airplanes are actually owned under some type of LLC - even corporations will create LLCs for the sole purpose of owning the corporate aircraft.)

Paid your mortgage completely off? Now you own your own home free and clear? Ya ha ha ha ha !
Stop paying your taxes for a few years and see who owns it. They even have the correct name for the transfer back to the gum'int. They say that the property 'escheats' to the state.

The FAA is simply doing what bureaucrats do: make rules and follow them. After all, they are just Vogons.

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