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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Right around the corner, via the Big Apple

There was a nice story in Sunday's New York Times about the shadowy, controversial deal that's brewing between Google and Verizon, and how it may or may not jeopardize net neutrality. And lo and behold, its author is from right here in Portland. Robert X. Cringely -- is that a real name? Anyway, he also has blogs, and one of them is here.

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Cringely has been a tech writer for decades. If I recall correctly, he was one of the first 20 Apple employees when he was a teenager. He did a PBS miniseries on the rise of the personal computer back in the 90's, called Triumph of the Nerds.


The very first thing you see in this series is the Blazer Dancers inside the Rose Garden, to really drive home the point of how much money the early pioneers of personal computing made; at least the ones that got it right.

However, the name is a pen name. It appears his real name is Mark Stephens, and there was a lawsuit with InfoWorld back in the day to continue using this pen name after he exited their employment, because he happened to be the third Robert X. Cringely to write for them.

As far as I can tell, Stephens/Cringley's not from Portland, never lived here before, and doesn't live here now. I'm curious why the byline at the top of the story says "Portland, Ore.". It might be an error.

Thanks for the nod to Cringley. This fellow has carved quite the amusing niche for himself on the planet. And about as easy to digest as Bojack, which is convenient.

"Cringely" was all the rage back during the boom. Wired profiled him: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/6.12/cringely_pr.html

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