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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pass the salt

I need a few grains for this report: Oregon's economy is "recovering."

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I think it's probably just the usual journalistic confusion -- they heard that Oregon's economy needed a 12-Step program for its addiction to growth and would spend years in recovery, but they wrote that it was "Recovering," by which they meant a return to feeding the addiction.


It's from Moody's...wanna' buy some CDOs? They're weffer thin!

Don't use sea salt as this smells fishy enough.

OK they say: "Oregon is beginning to recover as labor market conditions have improved considerably in recent months."
So I look deeper:
"How Does Portland Rank?
Best=1 Worst=392
3rd quintile"

Huh? That is improvement? I guess I need to pay the $360.00 for the complete Portland economic outlook and profile to understand!

PS: "However, the delayed housing correction will pose a threat to recovery over the next year."

Confusing choice of colors.

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