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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Norma for Neil? Guess not.

Here's a funny one. They're holding a speakers' panel with three current and former Oregon governors: Kulongoski, Roberts, and Atiyeh. Apparently at one point they had former Secretary of State Norma Paulus scheduled as some sort of stand-in for Neil Goldschmidt, who as an admitted statutory rapist is no longer safe for public viewing. But now Paulus, whom Neil despised, has been yanked from the program.

Also curious, of course, is the absence of Kitzhaber.

Comments (18)

Paulus was probably the last Rep. candidate I ever voted for in Oregon... That was before Walter and Rosalie Huss made the party completely untenable for some of us.

And Mark Hatfield?

"whom Neil despised," is past tense. What don't we know?

Funny that a "power breakfast" would omit the most powerful former governor - instead featuring three ineffective ones.

Never mind how untenable Roberts, Kizthabers, Kulongoski, Katz, Adams, Blumenour, Wyden, Burkholder, Bragdon, Peterson, Stacey, Courtney, Bradbury and the rest of the entrenched incompetents have made Oregon.

Is Paulus a Republican?

Yes, Ben, Paulus is a Republican.

As is Atiyeh.

I know Atiyeh is but really, Paulus is a Republican?

Then why is she so much like Vera Katz?

And Paulus is supporting Kizthaber.

She must be a really smart Republican?

I thought that Vic Atiyeh was not exactly in great shape either...

Ben posted: "I know Atiyeh is but really, Paulus is a Republican?"

With that piece of inanity, don't ever expect me to take you seriously again, Ben. Apparently you have never heard of liberal Republicans, grasshopper.

LucsAdvo, are you defining Ben as a member of the Misogyny wing of the Republican party....

aleut - I am not defining him as that. Those would be your words. I am defining him as ignorant of the history of the Republican party. I am not even sure he knows much about Abe Lincoln and his role in the founding of the party.


Your social agenda/bias is clouding your judgement.

If you can't understand my Paulus remarks, well, OK.

Now why is it you want Kitzhaber as Governor?

Ben, your inability to spell the names of those you despise and your obvious lack of historical context (or at least accurate history) both cloud the merit of anything you have to say.

It's not that the other commenter can't "understand" your remarks; it's that your remarks are largely incomprehensible ramblings that have no grounding in history and no warrants to make them worth reading.

Spikez, I'd like to buy you a beer (or whatever you drink). You've nailed the crux of the situation perfectly.

And Ben, any remarks you address towards me from now on will be considered a rhetorical comments that won't be graced with a response.



Then I'll just assume it's your superior wisdom that has you preferring Kitzhaber.

The subtitle of the pahwer brekfist is so ironic.

Did I perchance hear the squeak of a pip?

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