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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mummy dearest

Over in Japan, some of the "oldest living people on earth" turn out to have been dead for many years.

Just think: In Oregon, they'd still be voting.

Speaking of vote-by-mail, it seems it's not running so smoothly up north of here.

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Yup! and the old folks used to get a rather large silver cup when they reached 100 years too, but the gov't discontinued that when it got too expensive. I guess they stopped checking when they stopped giving out the silver cups.

And yet somehow there are plenty of claims of voting fraud in jurisdictions where people still vote in person.

Not only do we have widespread voter fraud if you are a voter in an Electric Co-operative (state sanctioned monopoly power companies) you don't even have the right to free and fair elections.

Co-operatives hold the elections, count the votes and declare the winners. There is no third party verification or oversight. Rigged elections are legal (or not illegal) No wonder the incumbents always win.

For more information see http://reformwascoelectric.com

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