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Friday, August 13, 2010

Moyer tower project is deader than ever

It's official: The "anchor" law firm tenant has walked.

The Curse of the Virginia Cafe lives on. And more fine economic development under the Adams administration [rim shot].

There's still time left for this idea. Meanwhile, has a date been set for this trial?

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It's just another hole in the ground...... wonder when SamRand will decide to make us pay for developing this?

Fireman suggests a new location for minor-league baseball in 3 . . . 2 . . .

LucsAdvo, trust me: you'll be paying for it even if it isn't developed. Between stabilizing the sides for the long term and keeping mosquitoes, hipsters, and other vermin out of the pond in the bottom, it might be cheaper for the city to develop it than to let it sit for ten years. (Personally, I'd recommend just filling in the hole, but that's sane person talk that'll never pass muster with the CoP.)

Looks like a splendid spot for the Laurelhurst Pond duck poop.

That swimming pool idea looks great until you see it filled with street kids and pit bulls.

How about an equipment staging site for disaster response?

Maybe we could use it to educate our politicians:

"Okay listen up: That thing you're sitting on? That's your ass - and that place where the Virginia Cafe used to be? That's a hole in the ground."

Personally, I think that whole in the ground was a great place for a bunch of attorneys.

Hello, JumpTown.

I have a plan.

An underground free parking garage for electric cars only.

With free charging of course.

After the first 20% are withheld for cronyism the rest would be rationed according to strict eco/socio/bio/dio/mio guidelines to assure absolute distribution justice.

The street level would be a combination sustainable, habitat friendly, eco-park, loo oriented, bicycle parking, peak oil, global warming and multi-creative interpretive creep center.

It will be paid for with money collected from passers by who will be delighted to be part of something special.

Mayor Adams will insist is be named after him so why not call it,

"The Big Hole"

Wonder how the Mayor and Council like the ridicule?
Does it appear to be escalating?
Perhaps it is the Curse of the Virginia Café.

Do they think they can continue these shenanigans, sitting there with a straight face, and we don't know better? Of course, they know what they are doing and so do we.

We now have had to turn to ridicule, what else is left?

There is no respect for them!!

Soon, the rest of the people who haven't wanted to or couldn’t involve themselves regarding politics may take note or interest anyway. That is when it can get really interesting when the agenda is so ridiculous that even those not paying attention “get it” and I think there are more and more people “getting it these days” because council just went too far and couldn’t stop. As Bill McDonald has said, an addiction they have. The addiction is becoming more apparent and ludicrous.

Great material for a Saturday Night Live episode.

Great joke, Bill.

Not that anybody would do anything differently at City Hall if they COULD distinguish their ass from a hole in the ground.

They've all been bought and paid for, except Amanda, who is largely irrelevant.

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