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Monday, August 23, 2010

Maybe it's a homeless solidarity thing

A reader complains that as he announced his absurd gun control initiatives last week, Portland's mayor looked like he had slept under a bridge the night before.

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Maybe he was scoping out the sellwood bridge repairs.

He's been up late making more busy work. Don't we already have all these laws in place? Why not just enforce them equally on everyone?

For whatever reason, he looks like he's on the verge of driving over the cliff - Must be fun working in that office.

Whatever his end, he will go out with a Flair!

I just read Mayor McCreepy's statement about being a "founding member" of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Funny, the group was founded in April 25, 2006, or about three years before the Tramster took office.

Well, he may not have been mayor, but he was surely at the first meeting. Right?

Um, no. Here's a list of who was at that founding meeting:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown
Dallas Mayor Laura Miller
Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez
Jackson Mayor Frank Melton
Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett
Philadelphia Mayor John Street
Providence Mayor David Cicilline
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels
Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer
Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor
Washington, DC Mayor Anthony Williams
Yonkers Mayor Mayor Phil Amicone

Q: Where was our multi-modal maven when the "founding" meeting occurred?

A: Voting to spend taxpayer money on a skateboard park. (Sorry, that is not a joke.)

Garage -=


The scary thing is that he is going to run for re election.

No the scary thing is: he will win re election.

I am heartened by the Mayor's belief that the gang-bangin' (often underage) thugs are going to be determined by more restrictive gun laws. Clearly, their willingness to break the law will be ameliorated by new laws.

We don't need new laws, we need more enforcement, harsher sentences, and a Police Department/Social Service network that is empowered to intervene before shots are fired.

Perhaps he was sleeping in or under his white truck out at the Jantzen Beach mall.
I was told recently that the mayor has these "periods" where he just "looses track of things" like personal grooming.
Maybe he will loose track of the next election too.

It looks like Sam is as hygienically challenged as he is ethically challenged. I personally wouldn’t shake his hand even if I had a bottle of sanitizer with me.

Maybe at next year's Starlight Parade, everyone should wave back to him while wearing a rubber glove.

Anyone here have stats on reduction in the police bureau budget and/or gang enforcement budget?

Reduction in budgets across the board in our community and the result?

Yet the gravy train rolls on. . whats next, Jumptown?
There will lots of folks jumping out of this town if this lack of good leadership and lack of financial accountability continues.

He's probably reaching out to the SE Alberta crowd. Expect to see him next with even dorkier glasses and one of those beards that makes him look like a walking toilet brush.

phil -

Sadly, you may well be right. Scammy has a good shot at winning. You can't beat somebody with nobody, and right now nobody who is serious is positioning to run against Scammy. IF opposition is split among 6 - 8 -10 "nobodies", the opposaition vote will split and Scammy could well pull a majority in the primary.

Charlie hales is making some really quiet inquiries. Personally, other than personality - Charlie ghhas one - I don't see any policy differences between Hales and Scammy.

Dave Lister, are you listening?

At this point we would be better off with a nobody than with a somebody from the insider’s circle.

Oh NO! NO to Charlie Hales! He might have had to leave the scene for awhile so that newcomers may not remember what he did. Remember, Katz, Charlie Hales and Sam were the trio that in my opinion if not started they escalated this downward spiral in our city.

Charlie Hales is just a part of the problem. He is certainly not part of the solution.

And where is Charlie currently working:


And what is one of their lines of business:

"HDR has established itself as one of the nation’s leading research firms thanks to its partnerships with three water research foundations and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Five research projects HDR is working on or has completed are highlighted in this issue."

And what does the Fireman want to do to Portland reserviors?

Do I have to connect any more dots?

So let me get this straight:

1. Theft of a firearm is already illegal, but now we want to charge the victim of the theft with a crime?

2. Possession of a concealed firearm without a concealed carry permit is already illegal, possession of a stolen firearm is already illegal, discharge of a firearm within city limits is already illegal, and shooting at someone with a firearm is already illegal to say nothing of actually hitting them; but more laws are needed to curb the violence?

They're already breaking at least 3 laws, but it's that 4th or 5th that will finally get them to stop?

More laws don't stop crime, because the criminal already knows he's breaking the law and doesn't care.

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