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Friday, August 27, 2010

Just like old times

The City of Portland's second quarter lobbying reports are out, and they show that the Port of Portland hangs around City Hall all the time, schmoozing the city commissioners for this thing and that. They have several people that they send over to whisper sweet nothings to the nose ring types on the politicians' staffs. But for the big scams -- like paving over bald eagle habitat on Hayden Island for a totally unnecessary shipping terminal -- they wheel in the really big guns from the Goldschmidt Network. Bill Wyatt and Tom Imeson themselves! I'll bet the walls tremble just a little when they walk in.

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They seem to like talking to Amy Ruiz. Sammy must've found out she knows nothing about sustainability and is now putting her in the "managing-public-information-release" position.

"found out she knows nothing about sustainability" - hahahahahahahahaha, surely you jest. Sustainability was never part of the discussion when Adams hired her off the Beau Breedlove story.

"hahahahahahahahaha, surely you jest."

Yes, you are correct, I looked at the qualifications of all his staff and they pretty much fall in the group.

Good at PowerPoints and hiding things, not much else of substance there.

George Anonymuncule Seldes,
This may have been all about sustainability!
Sustainability of Adams himself and his career in all of this.
Sustainability of the agenda for the "insiders".

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