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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hee y'are, getcha Sunday Oregonian

An alert reader points out that Multnomah County Library cardholders now have access to scans of full editions of The Oregonian, for nearly every day from 1861 to 1972. On the library's main page, click "Research," then "Articles," then "The Oregonian Historical Archive," then "Oregonian." Amazing stuff.

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The library has also introduced what appears to be RFID into the book collection checkout system. Soon it will be in all the cards, if not already.

What a waste of taxpayer money! Throwing money to the guvment to provide services. These are my tax dollars archiving our history.

Note the newsstand price for the Sunday paper.

And the score in Stanford-OSC game. Funny--I sure don't remember Stanford winning a game that season.

Hey, look!

The Oregonian used to actually report news!

An amazing window on history. A reader put in his birthday and came up with this:

Also look at the story just to the left, which involves the local bus company (then privately owned) asking the City Council to approve a fare increase and (I think) to let it terminate or reduce service on some routes, including one along Macadam.

Just another example of public libraries giving kids access to porn.

Now we can pinpoint when "unexpectedly" or "sources suggest that" or "it is unclear" became acceptable reporting disclaimers.

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