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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green, sustainable hypocrites, cont'd

While the City of Portland hands over West Hayden Island to the Port of Portland to decimate the wildlife there (if they can get away with it), it's clamping down on private industry out by the Columbia Slough in the name of wildlife protection.

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Selective judgement: in this case enviro infactuation is used against private industry because it serves the agenda.

You can examine these two statements from the Bureau of Cognitive Dissonance to see what's happening:

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the Port of Portland will be bringing the proposed zoning changes to the Planning Commission for a hearing

Translation: It's a Port of Portland-driven process. We're just along for the ride.

“There aren’t many places in the city with as much wildlife, and we need to do something to protect that.

Translation: Unless that wildlife is on West Hayden Island.

Is this nightmare with this city government ever going to end? I am starting to see the frustration of Timothy McVeigh.

Wildlife on Hayden Island? Gimme a break. There is none. It's the homeowners / houseboat "yachties" that don't want it.

1,200 jobs? Gimme a break.

The wanna be "world's most sustainable city" developing a marine terminal to send potash and COAL!!! to China? Gimme a frickin' break.

It's getting real deep on both sides of this one.

The Airport Way industrial area was set up by the City as an area for industrial businesses to locate in the late 70's early 80's. They moved several existing businesses there and set it up as an industrial urban renewal area. They told companies this was the area where they wanted them to be. Now they want to chase them all out for environmental reasons related to the Slough. Typical Portland.

I told you what Port of P wants, they get. They have the franchise and can generate a ton of profit for CoP.

Remember that each time you go thru the airport or use the parking lot or buy something that gets shipped here.

The insanity of Sam & Co. on their selectivity of what's Green just keeps growing. Sam wants the already existing, viable, long-time developed industrial zone of the North Harbor along the Willamette to have trees and walks to extend right through the skidways of Gunderson Shipyards. But then he forgets his Green agenda on Hayden Island.

I must say, though, that the industrial zones of Portland have been whittled away; and it's showing in the loss of manufacturing/industrial jobs for our region. Kalama has a good sales pitch to attract businesses to WA, and it is working.

It's more over reaching regulations by eco-loons who see all of their dreamt up theoretical problems as needing real rules applied to everything.

By the way I recently had Hanset Stainless make a backsplash for a project and saw a bunch cool applications for stainless steel out at at their place.

Including stainless steel cabinets.
Check em out.

The timing of this story can't be coincidental. It must be that the hundreds (thousands?) of sustainability employees at the city were outraged by the city council's crazy decision to pave over a huge island wildlife sanctuary. What's the point of the urban growth boundary or the billions of subsidies to build expensive dense housing stock, if we're going to turn around and take pristine habitat for bald eagles, spotted owls, wolves, bears, wolverines, whooping cranes, jaguars, American dippers, elk, salamanders, muskrats, frogs, hawks, coyotes, crawdads, etc. and turn it into oil refineries, tanneries, aluminum smelters, natural gas terminals, fat rendering facilities, chemical weapons incinerators, and factories to make dioxin, napalm, paints, or whatever they eventually do with it? I don't want all those dangerous animals who just lost their homes to swimming or flying over here to exact their revenge on us. That inevitable stampede is probably the environmental disaster that the sustainabilty employees are so worried about that they decided to highlight the absurdity of the city's conflicting policies with this news story. I think this reveals a mutinous undercurrent within Portland's government.

fcw - I doubt there is much mutiny at all in kiddie hall. They are all enthrall of the specialness of their leaders and their g-d given position in this city

"Is this nightmare with this city government ever going to end? I am starting to see the frustration of Timothy McVeigh."

And I am starting to give more credence to the people who are afraid that reasonable criticisms of dumb policies have given way to murderous rages.

Are you really starting to identify with a mass murderer?

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