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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gotta hand it to Google

The robot they use to pick ads to place on this website has quite the sense of humor:

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There was one for management coaches the other day! :)

Sorry! Even better. It's for a "creativity" coach. LOL

"Get a creative life. ..."

Somehow I get the feeling that exposure in Bojack's sidebar isn't going to generate the quality of sales leads that the ad writer imagined. Well, nobody's perfect.

And their claim of "Only 15 Homes left"? Here's 21 more units that they neglected counting - many of them short sales. And who knows what shadow inventory is sitting back of these, hoping for a better market to dump them in?

It's for a "creativity" coach.

That one isn't through Google -- it's through Blogads, and therefore not placed by a robot.

I noticed both of these ads, and just shook my head laughing.

Clearly Google's AdSense algorithm doesn't understand sarcasm and pith.

I clicked on the link and found that I could get a 2,700 square foot penthouse suite for $700k, a huge drop from the $1.6m original price. Not bad until you count the $650 per month HOA and $16k per year property taxes.

I'd say, even at those prices, there's still some bloodletting to come in the condo market, and with the new immigration jail a few blocks away...good times in SoWa!!!


So one can rant about a subject or even an organization (i.e. BP) and Google AdSense would display an ad.

Perfect sense!

Thank you, I really enjoyed this one.

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