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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fireman Randy takes on the anarchists and hipsters

A match made in heaven. Have at it, boys.

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Reminder to self... stay away from areas where the porkers meet the smokers and tokers.... Something bad will be cooking.

The last sentence of the article is the story:

"The city has allowed this event to get to this point by not enforcing the ordinances and regulations and permit fees that everybody else" abides by, he [Leissner] said.

Notice also how Adams, despite Fritz being assigned the very duties these problems fall under, carefully micromanages the issue.

Also notice how Fritz, in effect, has done nothing. The "neighborhood meeting" was not "something"--it was an empty gesture, with no particular meaningful purpose.

Adams (and now Fritz, who's carefully following Adams' lead) is being very careful--he wants to at least maintain the appearance of being for the masses, for "art", for things like this event. It's part of a stunningly incoherent, schizophrenic chain of events he likes to call "being Mayor".

Amanda Fritz, why aren't you doing your job and spending the time and energy needed to do what needs doing? I'm sure you'll have several paragraphs of carefully worded nonsense to justify doing nothing, won't you? Blogs don't equal leadership, Fritz. E-mails don't equal action. Dealmaking doesn't equal vision and guts.

And Leonard is a posturing blowhard; if he finds this to be a serious problem, why not do something about it? that is, other than whine in the press about the inaction of the people he supposedly works as a team with?

Instead, he's spending his energy on more serious issues: a single stall public bathroom in downtown.

What are your priorities, Leonard? Is this the public service record you'll be known for years from now--complaining a lot, getting a few public toilets built, and fighting the use of duct tape at the Rose Parade? *That* is how high you're aiming?

"The city has allowed this event to get to this point by not enforcing the ordinances and regulations and permit fees that everybody else" abides by, he [Leissner] said.

This is the key point. Neighbors aren't asking any more than just enforcing the city's codes. For everyone else in the city, throwing a street fair requires a permit, a fee, plans for bathrooms, garbage etc. Last Thursday does none of that.

In terms of noise and public drinking, why do the neighbors have to beg and plead for these laws to be enforced? We're not asking for anything special. Just enforce the laws and the books that already apply to the whole city.

This event will get ugly, either this month or next. Between anarchists looking for confrontation, and the recent shootings around here, my guess is next week.

The Fireman has never there is no I in team (other white meat)

Randy Leonard is a bully!
I am just glad he was not at my school.

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