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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eine kleine Schrunkmusik

Portland's fearless county prosecutor makes a bust heard 'round the world.

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Maybe we could persuade Kyron's step-mom to take up the clarinet? Or explain how $800 cash given to a formerly underage lover isn't a bribe? Or capture a notorious fraud artist whose crime's are chronicled weekly on this block (see the bearded face on the right, Mike?)...

Wait, seriously, the "Oregon prosecutors kept tabs [of him] on his website"?

How many other random British personalities who may occasionally visit Oregon are we keeping tabs on because they are behind in their child support payments?

Remember now, these support laws are "all about the children". Not surprising, he's low hanging fruit and provides good press for the DA, especially since he's a foreign citizen (who divorced in another US state no less). I will never understand the logic behind this Oregon family law. Divorced and your parents owe you a college education. Still married and you best be workin and begging for a loan (or cash for a ride to Welches).

Debtor's prisons back in action all to nab those deadbeat dads. Of course this guy isn't a US citizen and a "deadbeat dad" so screw any rights he might have. Due process? Nah, just throw him in the pokey for a wake up call. DAs toss in homeless men for non payment.The Fed Gov passed a law so that no child support debt can ever be forgiven, even by a judge. Thus you have men who were wrongly accused of paternity stuck with bills and tossed in jail.

Totally, ironic. I know a local attorney who does some domestic relations work who says that most of the time the ADAs come to family court completely unprepared and blow it right and left for mothers who cannot afford private attorneys to enforce child support. This is grandstanding pure and simple. Why doesn't "Honey I Shrunk the Justice" make sure his team does a good job for those who need it?

Are the kids attending a college or university here in Oregon? How does the DA have the jurisdiction, or can anyone do this? Are their finder's fees for this?

Updated live performance w/film --

Wait, seriously, the "Oregon prosecutors kept tabs [of him] on his website"?

It would be easy enough to set up a Google alert. You don't ever "check" it, it emails you when the search terms come up.

I should start keeping a list:
"top underrated pet peeves".

I spent 5 years with my then small child without receiving a red cent in financial support because someone thought I should have stayed; as a small child I was kidnapped by one parent and held away from the other for six years.

I have to say, I absolutely despise people who cannot put aside their issues and concentrate on what's best for their children. After child abuse, Islamic fundamentalism, and planet destruction, I would say selfish parents come in at number 4. Well, I guess drunk driving might be number 4.

This would be an interesting list to prioritize.

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