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Friday, August 6, 2010

Does that airline pilot smell like booze?

Don't say anything if you want to get home today.

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A perfect example of some huge company trying to bury a small non-story, and in the process turn it into a nationwide headline.

I believe this is called the Streisand Effect, named for Barbara Streisand's 2003 attempt to suppress images of her home being online. The mere act of trying to censor it garnered enough attention as to make it impossible to censor.

Well, Geeze Louise, why should the passenger be asked to leave? I wish that pilot that agreed with management would explain.

OTOH, I probably would be willing to leave, just in case.

My hate for the airline industry knows no bounds.

I don't understand why the airline is framing this as "him or her." Why does one of them have to leave the flight? It could only be because the pilot refused to fly if she were on the plane, after her accusation was proven false. If so, that's unprofessional and immature of him and the airline.

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