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Friday, August 27, 2010


I've written about this earlier this summer, and I'm a little surprised that I haven't struck much of a chord with anybody about it: Isn't it a little weird for the O to have a happy-face photo of a reporter at the head of every story on its website -- even the grim ones?

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Just think of the pictures as, "Look, Ma, I still have a newspaper job!"
There's also a problem with the multi-headlines merged together on news websites - especially when you look for a story on Google. I saw this the other day: "Martin Short's Wife Dies; Nick Cannon Dodges Mariah Carey..."
That's from the Washington Post. When you go to the story, the full second headline finishes with "Dodges Mariah Carey Pregnancy Questions" but at first it reads like Mariah had killed Martin Short's wife and was now going after her husband.

I'm guessing that the message is more about how few people (a) bother with that horribly difficult, disorganized, and unresponsive website; and (b) anything else having to do with the O.

I have learned to just be ever so thankful that there just might be some straight news in a timely manor.
What drives me is the knowledge that a new news model will rise from it's ashes.

Eh, I'm indifferent. You'll see lots of websites with multiple authors use a little headshot to signify which author wrote a particular piece. I guess the only viable solution would be:

a) Take three different pictures of each person: a happy, neutral and sad face and marry it up with the article

b) Just don't use headshots and rely on the author name only

Think the best way to go would be option b...

I agree with said Seldes on both (a) and (b);however, the smiling face business is an outgrowth of hipness in mainstream culture - what is missing is the raised hand partially covering the smiling mouth as the subject looks shyly down and away from the camera.

At the O, Ohman has the testiness championship ring - guy likes to dish it out but can not bear to be lampooned, satirized, or have his shortcomings pointed out. But, he does enjoy his honors for important contributions to journalis.

Larry you mean Ohman has a giant glass jaw?

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