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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bragdon's leaving Metro

He's taking a gig in New York City, according to the O.

Wow. Now the Goldschmidt crew will need a new ally in the Metro president job (for the next four months).

Ted Kulongoski? Bernie Giusto?

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You can bet Adams is breathing a sigh of relief at not having to potentially run against Bragdon when he makes his inevitable run for re-election (and if he wins, to be followed I'm sure by some Bush-ian statement about "spending political capital").

The Oregon Society of Professional Pole Dancers are in mourning over Bragdon leaving the state.

I heard he just cursed out the other members, hit the emergency chute, and he was gone.

Fred Hansen!


Who will be the first to hightail it out of Sam's stable and bolt across the country to work with Bragdon in the Big Apple?

Bragdon's from New York,and has long wanted to return there. I wonder how long and loudly he'll complain about the building of monstrous skyscraper complexes in New York City? I mean, a 12-lane bridge isn't sustainable--right? Or so he said. I wonder how "sustainable" a 40-story skyscraper is? They build them there all the time...

Are there any Naitos in the house or Kafourys looking for work? *snicker*

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