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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another trendy magazine hits Portland

The town has become a bit of an elephant graveyard for that particular form of communication.

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I say best of luck to it.
And there's no disgrace in a magazine getting in trouble. Newsweek just sold for a dollar. Not the issue - the whole company.

If it's free, I'm more than willing to give it a shot. Hell, I'm even paying $1 to buy the occasional newsstand or paperbox issue of the Oregonian.

Hey, it could work out. Especially since The O's A&E is going downscale to focus on reviewing Shari's restaurants and the Costco meat case.

Next time I drive from Tigard to Portland and park, I'll look for this free magazine.

First issue readership: 100,000, with 200,000 for the second. Of course, all of these are going to be unemployed wannabe writers wanting the magazine's submission address. Expect the numbers to drop precipitously when said wannabes discover that the only writers accepted are the publisher's equally unemployed (and unemployable) college buddies.

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