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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another major triumph at Portland City Hall

A second public toilet! And less than two years after the first one opened. Amazing. Congratulations to everybody involved.

I hear that next they're going to start up the planning process for a box of Band-Aids at the reception desk in the Portland Building.

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Sam Adams on a toilet? Isn't that redundant?

Actually, the previous comment is unfair. Instead, I'm reminded of a former co-worker at Texas Instruments back in the day, who perfected the four-hour potty break on company time. It's nice to see Mayor Creepy getting paid to parade around the iLoo, and I'm sure that the picture in that article will be his laptop wallpaper for quite some time. After all, he's just doing to that iLoo what he's been doing to the rest of Portland for years.

So Randy pulls off a #2

Actually if you count the various planters around the central city there are quite a few "public toilets" from which to choose. Some are just more private than others.

Band-aids?! Now let's just slow down there, Jack.

I think we first need to get a committee together to thoroughly study how this box of band-aids might affect elderly gay bike-messengers of color.

Then we'll need a federal grant to fund a one-year planning exercise to figure out how many band-aids to buy, where to position them at the desk, and if there are any sustainable alternatives to band-aids, such as tying a hunk of bark over the wound with hemp rope.

Then we need our Mayor to come in at the last minute, throw out the study's findings, and inject some of his "vision."

Then comes the Friends of Oregon lawsuit.

When that is settled two years later, THEN you can have a box of band-aids (paid for out of one of Saltzman's budgets.)

RE: Band-aids

Someone forgot to mention that the box of Band-aids will need to be Green, Sustainable, have an Eco-Top(Roof), and be accessible to a Streetcar route.

On second thought, they might hold numerous "Band-aid Box Visioning" meetings, only to have TramSam walk-in after two years and remark, "...we're at a point of the [Band-aid Box] process where I get to be engaged and infuse it with some of MY ideas and some of MY vision...."

Shades of Sister Mary Deja Vu!


I see that SA was on hand for the first ceremonial flush. That is ironic on so many levels.

Did Sam crawl into or out of that toilet? At least he found something he is qualified to do finally when he flushed.

Oh boy kiddie council is flushing more taxpayer money down the drain.

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