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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A "Bo Burger" to go, with a side of litigation

The state is going after Stanich's Restuarant for alleged wage and hour violations, and the matter has apparently gotten nastier than a waiter who's been stiffed on a tip.

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Their burgers are way overrated anyway.

I agree with mk....

Haven't eaten there in over 10 years...the food wasn't very good, and the service was worse.

Ate there a couple of months ago - agreed, laurelann, the food still wasn't all that great, and overpriced as well. Plus, they didn't seem all that busy for the dinner hour. They're going to have to sell a lot of burgers to come up with 22K.

I for one love their burgers. I better go back quick while they're still there.

Is that why the wait staff is so slow? Nevertheless, in my opinion, the beer & burgers are worth the wait!

Yeah, geez, let's run right over and patronage people who refuse to pay their help (most likely at minimum wage) and then fire them when they complain about it.

Sorry. Patronize.

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