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Friday, August 6, 2010

"100 times better" than the central Oregon economy

Fort Collins, Colorado, that is, according to these recent transplants.

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Personally, I really like Fort Collins, CO. Great little community.

As a college town it was a lot of fun. Close to Denver and Boulder. Drinking water from the Horsetooth Reservoir was nasty. Microbrews are better here 'cause of our water.

Sure if you like total suburban sprawl, endless parades of SUV's, condo's and lamo d****es! Hate that place.

Much closer to Portland, the TriCities area of Washington State (Pasco, Richland, Kennewick, in Benton and Franklin Counties) is also undergoing an extraordinary economic boom.

the TriCities area of Washington State . . . is also undergoing an extraordinary . . . boom

Critical mass?

"Critical mass?"

No, wine. The atomic stuff is water under the bridge.

The good wine is in Walla Walla, The growth in Tri-city is a Major Influx of Stimulus dollars sent to Hanford. They have brought in literally thousands of new workers. Major traffic problems twice a day!

My brother and several of his friends -- all Central Oregon natives -- live in Ft. Collins. I went to school there briefly. Nice town, and if I had to live anywhere in Colorado, I'd probably live there. It reminds me a lot like Corvallis in its college-town vibe.

After living 7 years in Ft. Collins after getting an honorable discharge from of the Air Force... I thought Portland was more progressive than what is essentially Southern Wyoming... maybe I was wrong.

The questions to the democrat should be - did you support Obamacare? Do you support the end of the tax cuts? Did you support TARP? If the answers to ANY of those questions are yes, then she needs to be thrown out on her ear.

And a question to Jasun - why would you want to move somewhere that 'more progressive'? I've come to equate that term with - 'we will take your money and use it as we damn well please; and we don't care how you feel about it'.

Sure if you like total suburban sprawl, endless parades of SUV's, condo's and lamo d****es! Hate that place.

In other words, just like Portland. Only less expensive, the condos are bigger, the views are better, the air is more pristine, and the roadway lanes are a foot and a half wider to accomodate the SUV.

I believe, several Colorado towns have been ranked HIGHER than Portland for bicycle friendliness. And Denver has a massive light rail project under construction right now. So Denver is trying to be Portland, Portland is trying to be San Francisco...pretty soon we'll have to rebuild the London Bridge in Denver so they too can have an "iconic" bridge to nowhere.

"I thought Portland was more progressive than what is essentially Southern Wyoming"

No, you're right, Portland hasa fewer well-paying jobs and it is more expensive to live here.

Jasun don't you have another recall attempt to mess up?

At least someone in town made the attempt.

The nail that sticks out is hammered down.
Source: (Japanese)

The whole scene has gone more insane, inept and/or corrupt since the second recall went bye bye. They are acting like they are free now to do whatever.

Isn't there an expression - The third time may be a charm - might actually work now especially if the twins, Sam and Randy are on the recall and if the folks in West Hayden Island and in SoWhat got behind it.

Sorry to bring it up again, only suggest it because don't see how we can continue with this debt swamping and the shenanigans week after week. If nothing else perhaps an on-going recall will be needed to at least keep the brakes on their agenda.

clinamen - Sam should be recalled but the attempt should not be led by a petulant child who by his own admission is not really a Portlander and who did not know how to build coalitions or alliances and who thought he was smarter than folks with years more experience than he had at this kind of thing. It FAILed because the petulant one had a huge ego and no competence. So I don't have a lot of patience for Jasun.

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