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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time has come today

I need to flag me down one of them Korean taco trucks. Apparently there are a bunch of them here in Portland, and doggone it, I haven't munched out of any of them yet.

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They are out there, just the Kim CHee they serve is not very good (kinda bland.) I guess they are tailoring it to local tastes.


There's one at 47th and Division (or thereabouts) called "Kim Jong Grillin'", which definitely wins the award for the best named truck.

Craigslist currently has several dozen used food carts for sale--apparently, it's a growing trend.

Better hurry up and get that taco.

Why are you always making me hungry? It's funny on a tv show last night they were making Korean Egg rolls for a fund raiser.
Almost as good as Korean tacos. Hey come to think of it there is a Korean BBQ joint a couple of blocks away.. Thanks for the idea.


I'm beyond addicted to a Korean-style thing sold at a truck by some girlfriends on Killingsworth and Greeley. It's a wedge of sticky rice the size and shape of a slice of cake with an inner morsel of yummy spicy shredded steamed vegetables; the rice cake is flash fried to produce a delicious crusty surface, and the whole enchilada is then served up in a bandana of nori seaweed buttered with hot sauce. TOO good.

If you want to die and go to heaven, check out the world's most amazing Korean massage den run by a bunch of women who speak very little English up in Tacoma. They bring you in to a very steamy room with various temperature marble hot tubs; they rotate you through the spas,
lay you out on a marble slab and massage you practically into a bubbly coma with the aid of soaped-up rough sea sponge gloves, soaping, rinsing and rubbing their clients through many cycles of ecstatic oblivion...when you leave you could swear you left your old skin behind and have a new dermis of dolfin. After that you lie shrouded in a towel with your feet on warm pebbles in a quiet darkened space. After all that, there are delicate Korean goodies to be had at an adjoining cafe.

The kind of thing noone can start in Portland because of all our ridiculous, strangling regulations.

I'll second that Korean truck on the pod at Killingsworth and Greeley. It's called Yogio. They also do this incredible dish with rice, veggies and a fried egg.

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