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Monday, July 5, 2010

The old way home

We had business in Salem today, and decided to return to Portland via Route 99E. We crossed the mighty Pudding River, and then the Molalla, to arrive at the friendly confines of the Canby Burgerville. This has got to be one of the original installations in the chain:

That must be a Vietnam Memorial there on the corner.

The hops are growing down this way, along with the wheat and the hazelnuts and all the berries. Downtown Aurora was beautiful in its own way. A much more scenic route than the freeway, to be sure.

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There's a great old shed-like building in Aurora next to the SP tracks which houses a bewildering array of antique goodies, from old tubs, to doors to neon signs to tons of old hardware.

It's a photographers dream inside, Jack.

...and if you stop there, ask the prop about the deep gouges in the beautiful wood floor. You'll learn more than you ever thought you would!

Yea, but did they serve the Colossal as they useta and did you feel any safer in the Safety Corridor?

That BV used to have a kids train playset installed in the dining room. I haven't seen anything like that again.

In the mid-70s I had a job that required I drive on 99-E about once a week... quaint and funky even back then...

Way to go! More people should. It'd help the local and regional economy like nothing else. Ease it back and build in a little time to smell the roses.

Jack, you are right. That is the Canby Vietnam Era Memorial in the background. A great spot that all can see and visit coming and going on Hwy 99E. Many folks put a lot of time and effort into securing that spot and creating the memorial to honor those who served during that time. Learn more at Http://www.vietnameramemorial.org

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