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Friday, July 2, 2010

Reader polls: Pick Saturday's world cup winners

Shockingly, the Dutch did not their Dutch act, and suddenly Brazil is out of the World Cup tourney. There go a lot of people's brackets. What do you think about tomorrow's matches?

Who will win the first World Cup match on Saturday?
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Who will win the second World Cup match on Saturday?
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Comments (3)

Another great day of soccer. Never a dull moment and tomorrow should be good too. Still anyone's Cup to win.

Germany won.... with lots of points.... looking good for me in the pool at work.

You could have retired on a bet that neither Brazil nor Argentina would make the semis. I'm rooting for a Paraguay-Uruguay final. The possibility that two countries with a combined population of less than 10 million might still be in the running for the World Cup is exquisite.

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