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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Once -- just once

I wish I could have an ATM transaction like this.

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Email me and I can tell you how to hack bank ATMs. I will caution never to actually break the law like that. What I know would take a bit more sophistication and planning than the things this guy found. However, bank ATMs have been hackable since they first got installed. I know. I used to support them.

Just a reminder, if one could "have an ATM transaction like this," there would be the added pressure of looking good for the onboard camera that records video of every user.

However, I suppose a skilled hacker could also disable the ATM's video capabilties.

I'll never know!

... a simple cheap laser pointer can permanent fry a camera sensor...

The big thing that most of your readers miss is that they are hacking windows XP and CE used on the ATM. No I'm not anti MS, but that is like using scotch tape to secure your front door...

If you fry the camera and there is a decently designed system, the ATM should shut itself down. However, disguises or mirrors work nicely.

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