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Monday, July 12, 2010

Kyron stepmom drama gets trashier

Now she's allegedly sleeping with and "sexting" some guy who's not her husband.

Please, Lord, turn this show off. And help that little boy.

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I fear our society is over ripe.

I feel sorry for the little girl who will have to sort this all out when she is older. She's going to need a lot of support to process this insanity later in life.

Cynic that I am, Mr. Horman might want to get the daughter dna tested.

What sane dude would get involved with the red squirrel at this point in time?

Right now, I'm sick of all of them. Including Kaine. What's the point of his making these latest allegations? Child custody? Terms of the divorce settlement? Or just a better book deal for him when this is over?

The authorities are also behaving badly, looking less competent with each passing day.

The parents better be right about Terri Horman and whatever she did because if they're wrong we're going to have another Richard Jewell situation going on.

This is truly a story that keeps on giving.

I fear that little boy is gone.

Right now, I'm sick of all of them.

Spot on - Including Houze. All this crap and nothing for the son just for TV time.

I believe Terri is just preparing for an insanity defense. Why else would she keep piling on one bizarre incident after another?

JS, the thought that the dna testing might be done on the daughter has occurred to me as well.

Scary that she attempted to get the daughter from daycare... good for them for not releasing her, or we might be looking for TWO kids right now....

PS. What kind of creep starts sleeping with some woman after these kind of allegations? Ewwwwwwwww.

I hope to God, Kyron is alive. But it's looking more and more like Terri killed him to get back at her husband. (who was cheating on her and who forced Terri's son out of the house, allegedly)

You know, I keep seeing references to Jewell, but there's really no comparison between a stepmom in a marriage breaking down and a rent-a-cop who stumbles on a bomb planted in a public venue. The former is quite rightly tied with a couple others (Dad, Biomom, Stepmom's lover) for Suspect #1 in a child disappearance, especially where the kid simply vanishes from a well-lit, well-populated place.

The latter is a guy who fell into a surreal Hitchcock plot and found out that the criminal justice system in America is a lot more concerned with closing cases than justice.

Children in the Portland Metro area are hurt and/or killed by a family member every week. It really isn't news. Nor do we spend a lot of time determining why the Sellwood Bridge mom attempted to kill her kids or the 20 year old that allegedly killed his newborn did it.

I don't believe that anyone has made the "best" decisions in terms of stability for their kids in this situation. There was an awful of lot of disposable kids and parents BEFORE the disappearance. FOr all the squawking we usually hear about parental decision-making aorund here, the peanut gallery has been rather quiet.

As a mom, I don't understand how you leave your child to be raised by someone you neither like or trust. While I understand the desire to send away teenagers, most of us don't do it.

Let's stop watching dysfunction-junction where the tab is $500k (estimates I've read) we can ill afford.

"Let's stop watching dysfunction-junction where the tab is $500k (estimates I've read) we can ill afford."

Extremely well said.

The fact that the 7 year old boy is gone, and was likely murdered is getting completely lost by all the noise his dysfunctional family keeps making in the media.

My thoughts:

1--The stepmother is not comparable to Richard Jewell. Again, a landscaper accused her of trying to hire him to kill her husband. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt? Maybe not. Do I believe it? Yeah, because the landscaper doesn't have a dog in this fight, and the woman's demeanor makes my sociopath-radar go hyper-alert

2--the step-mother is responsible for Kyron's disappearance. Last person to see him was his sociopath step mother. It's not even a close call.

3--Kyron is almost certainly dead. It's been a month and a half. As deranged as she is, she must know the best way to bail herself out would be to produce him, alive and well. She can't, because he's not.

4--She'll never tell where the body is. If she didn't know what corpus delicti is before she kidnapped Kyron, she damn well knows now.

5--She might very well get away with murder. Really, the only hope for solving this case, as far as I can tell, is if she did a sloppy job disposing of the body--or had an accomplice. The police don't have any leverage in forcing a confession--"Tell us where the body is so we can charge you with a crime we'd never otherwise be able to prove" is basically what their leverage comes down to.

Good grief, this is depressing. If anyone is more optimistic than I am that the police can crack this, please post a comment.

"She might very well get away with murder..."

Which makes that whole "CSI" t-shirt thing even more twisted than anybody initially thought...

I wish Tonya Harding would come back.

On another issue: how screwed up is it that Kaine Horman's assets will be used to pay for Terri Horman's expensive criminal defense, as well as her divorce attorney fees (unless, of course, he was smart enough to get a pre-nup before he married the squirrel0. Gotta love that Oregon "family" law that rewards people who choose not to work with half the assets and spousal support. Why be a boat when you can be a barnicle on the bottom?

damn it, I try to get out. . . . .but you pull me back in.

"who choose not to work"

I think Terri was raising HIS kid since he was an infant. Yep, raising kids is actual work. Maybe if someone acknowledged that our children would be in better shape physically and mentally. Mom and Dad had other issues that they took care of while Terri Moulton raised their child. All of these misgivings seem to have materialized out of the ether. It is not unheard for a parent to kill a child rather than turn them over to the custodial parent. My tabloid speculation: The marriage was over, and Terri knew she would lose Kyron since she has no legal right to him. And rather than give up the child raised form an infant. . . .

Okay now see, I'm as dirty as the rest of yas.

Thank you for your (anonymous) response. Yes, Terri certainly did a fabulous job raising Kyron, didn't she? Right up until that whole murder thing, I think she was a fabulous stepmother. And of course she killed him because she wouldn't get him in a divorce - that makes perfect sense! Except, um, it doesn't.

I have no issue with women who choose (yes, CHOOSE) to stay at home and raise the kids. Yes, they are working. Just like the men who are then forced to support them when they divorce. Except for men, it doesn't really seem to be much of a choice. Why anyone would be a barnacle instead of a boat is beyond me.

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