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Monday, July 12, 2010

I got your neighborhood involvement, right here

Remember the public process charade that was going to determine the fate of Portland's Memorial Coliseum? Mayor Creepy unilaterally deep-sixed that one last month, after who knows how much time and money were wasted on it. And now, lo and behold, a new process has begun -- a process in which the only party who gets to speak are the Portland Trail Blazers.

And Randy Gragg's in charge, which as we all know guarantees a certain je ne sais quoi. Go by aerial tram!

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So why was so much time and energy expended on the so called community involvement and selection of design alternatives if the Blazers held all the cards in the first place? Did no one notice or heed the futility of the effort? More importantly is the Blazer's designer really named "Tinker". Does he wear seersucker suits, and drink mint julips, or perhaps a white linen sport coat and Panama hat while playing croquet on the lawn? God help us...

We see it again and again. So often lately that it's standard operating procedure for our mayor: Ask for input and set up a "process" for comment or even for voting. If the result is what the mayor wants, it's a done deal. If the result is not, then the table is swept, paid consultants or a hand-picked public advisory committee are put in place and to no one's surprise, the desired result is achieved.

It can be defended because the mayor went through the citizens involvement charade before doing whatever the hail he wanted to do in th first place.

It's probably because Blazers owner Paul Allen (and I have also heard rumours of the Wintethawks new owner, a billionaire from Alberta is in the deal as well) is willing to use some of his own money for the development.

Don't think the Rec/art center people could say the same...

Yet ANOTHER case of fiduciary irresponsibility.

The felonious behavior should be ascribed to the Oregon Attorney General's office, as they seem to never do anything about these repeated instances of fraud and chicanery by municipal elected officials pushing forward their on-going 'Friends & Family' programs.

Doesn't it seem like the mayor likes to run in at the 11th hour yelling "Hold up! Wait a minute here! I haven't had my input!" and then he has nothing worthwhile to add? (See: the CRC)

Has been operating procedure for years. Became aware of it under Katz who seemed to be a master of this and where Sam learned so well.

The Title 34 Rewrite (Subdivision and Partitioning Regulations) was a case where the council chambers were filled with opposition. When Mayor Katz saw this, she decided to "give this more time" and as I recall about a year later were three short meetings around the city mostly slide shows with little time left to address the issues. Citizens in my opinion were reduced to in one quick citizen meeting then to select a few items or issues of the entire IIRC 400 page document to address at the next council hearing. By then of course, not as many citizens attended the hearing, I remember one saying to me regarding the "way it was all done" that only a few of us stubborn ones are still coming down to these hearings.

Very frustrating. I saw the whole matter as a way to dismantle our city's Chapter 34.04 code as it was standing in the way of development. One of the purposes of many that the Title 34 stood for was to prevent overcrowding of land.

Clinamen, you're right that this has been Sam's operating procedure for decades now. Many of us who have commented here and elsewhere have tried to point out the many examples of Sam's procedures with the Tram; Title 34; turning corner lots in residential neighborhoods into two housing unit parcels; Convention Center Hotel; Sam's absconding of of $20 Million for Milwaukie Lightrail from SoWhat; bikes and bioswales from sewer/water.

For many people, Sam's recall efforts had nothing to do with his predatory sexual nature and lying, but knowing about his "operating procedures".

There's no hope for this town until the kleptocracy gets overthrown. We can hope people with principles start running and somebody votes for them.

In the meantime, this Coliseum business means that we'll get this "Jumptown" district filled with four different versions of Fudrucker's, a Cold Stone Creamery and one faux-artisanal brewpub with plastic faux-industrial decor. When nobody goes there, with is guaranteed, since they are putting in their idea of what we SHOULD want rather than what anybody does want, they will announce that the experiment of saving the Coliseum didn't work and the only way to save the district is to tear it down and put in more versions of Fudrucker's.

Has anyone every explained why the Blazers can't or won't join with the MARC plan? Win-win for everyone = city recreational facility on the inside for public benefit, shops and eateries on the outside for Paul Allen. I guess Sam Adumbs hasn't thought that far ahead or owes too much to the power brokers to endorse a common sense plan.

No suit made of fabric emiting sound could ever match the empty suit that Pedo-Sam is

Why have the leaders of our community given him a pass and are continuing to do so despite the disastrous overlay on our city by his agenda?
The others in Council go along.
They should all be replaced.

At this point, knowing how upset people are, I have to question the validity of our elections especially since machines are involved.

Just pay your property taxes and shut up.

The Mayor will do whatever he and Randy want. You get what you deserve. You elected them. And don't come crying to me when it's time to pay your CoP income tax.


Also click: Go to your State
State of Oregon placed on Black Box Voting Watch List Aug. 2009 due to hiring state elections director with history of obstructiveness to public observation. (See news article this section)

Hmmm me thinks a CoP income tax without an voter approved initiative would be a Measure 5 violation... at a minimum... and in these economic times.... good luck getting the avergage Jo/Joe who is getting hosed by the city to agree to more taxes.

Talk about getting hosed - North Potland is on the short end again. The good mayor wants to extend the Interstate Corridor URA into the Memorial Coliseum area. So once again, funds supposedly to improve North Portland will again be used for the mayor's favorite projects (exactly what happened when the ICURA was first formed - 90% of the money went for the Max line and very little was actually invested in the neighborhood).

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