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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

¡Hola! ¡España!

Die Deutsche fall to the Iberians, setting up a Holland-Spain finals in the World Cup. If Spain wins, or if Germany takes third place, Ricardo wins our bracket game. If neither of those teams wins, we have a three-way tie at the top (Ricardo, Alan, and Kelly), and we go to the tiebreakers.

In our game-by-game prediction contest, Mojo (108) maintains the slimmest of leads over the Fake Dutchman (106), Beau Breedlove (102), and the Teutonic Knights (102). Over there, the third-place game is worth 6 points and the championship 10 points, and so there's no room for error.

My own prognostication skills have gotten so bad at the end here, if I were you I'd bet against what I've picked for the two final games -- Germany and Spain.

UPDATE, 4:10 p.m.: Interestingly, in the game-by-game pool, none of our top five players had today's game right.

Comments (6)

Netherlands wins the Cup, 2-0. Guaranteed.

I should have listened to the octopus.

Here is an interesting tidbit about the relationship between Spain and the Netherlands that dates back to the Reformation. At Christmas time in Holland if you are bad "Sinter Klaus" will put you in his bag and take you to Spain. Also, the English should be rooting for the Dutch as well. Their queen's lineage goes back through the House of Orange, though she is actually of German descent.

Fitting the octopus was right (again), on Ringo's birthday --

cbb, in centuries past, the Spanish owned Holland (but the line from "The Merry Minuet" is "South Africans hate the Dutch, and we don't like anybody very much"):

Meanwhile, NASA tested the new ball after hearing many complaints and has offered an evaluation that may soften the shame of the English goalie (not that I have any admiration for that team):

Paul became a star through out this world cup series.

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