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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cry for me, Argentina

The Germans' elimination of Argentina from the World Cup scene puts an end to quite a few gamblers' brackets. It also turns the semi-finals into a largely Euro event, with Holland, Germany, and Spain joined only by Uruguay.

In our bracket game, there are still 13 points in play, but nobody left who can rack up all 13. Yours truly is out already at 9 points; our leader, Alan, has 13 and can make it to 23 if Uruguay goes all the way and Holland comes in third. If Spain wins out and Germany takes third, Ricardo will be our bracket winner. Other outcomes are possible as well -- we haven't done all the combinatorics yet.

In our game-by-game prediction contest, Mojo maintains the slimmest of leads with four games left to pick and tons of points still sloshing around. They don't play again in South Africa until Tuesday.

UPDATE, 3:30 p.m.: It appears that in our bracket game, there are some scenarios in which Kelly can finish tied for the lead -- there is even a three-way tie possible among Kelly, Ricardo, and Alan. But if Uruguay beats Holland on Tuesday, Kelly is out.

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What odds would Joran Van der Sloot give to the match?

Anyone know?

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