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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Confirming the obvious

Friday night, Saturday morning -- perfect time to bury the truth. And so it goes with this story about an outside group's review of the Portland police investigation into the Chasse killing. The conclusion -- no surprise to anyone with eyes and a brain -- is that this internal investigation was pretty much a joke. As they always are in Portland when the cops have acted up.

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Bah, who needs the obvious.

You can go visit Sam Adams' chicken coop this weekend!


I love are local press...bury the truth and report all the pithy little sayings of our Mayor on more pressing isues: Such as his rambling press "chicken s___"
comments at the New Columbia shooting a few weeks back that included "if you see a gun call 911"

or his response to the OSCON convention crowd yesterday about locate your business here and "I'll buy you a beer".

Give me strength to last the next 2.5 years.

Actually, the internal investigation was only a "joke" if you believe what Maxine Bernstein wrote about it. If you read the actual consultant's report on the internal investigation, you'll get a different take.

Max is paid to portray a particular slant. She does it well. But no one should mistake what she's doing for unbiased reporting.

William go back to the PPA now. The only press you want is one that kisses porkie's backside.

http colon slash slash blogs.wweek.com slash news/2010/07/23/auditor-releases-chasse-report/

The real press begs to differ buddy.

Thers nothing new here that hasn't been out for months.Think people think.......


The report revealed that Multnomah County refused to allow its employees to be interviewed by internal affairs investigators until after they were deposed in a civil lawsuit, which was pending at the time. That meant internal affairs waited until April 2008 to interview sheriff's Deputy Bret Burton, who by then had been hired by Portland police. (Consultants said the bureau shouldn't hire an officer from another agency while the officer is under investigation.)

Go by backchannel!

hmm, so is an internal ppb investigation like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse?

Nice resource on police misconduct here


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