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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Capitalizing on misery

Some people aren't ashamed to do it.

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From pretty early on in this story, I was uncomfortably reminded of a movie I saw as a kid that haunted me then and continues to to this day. "The Big Carnival."

If you haven't seen it, I hate to spoil it, but it deals with dragging on and exploiting a crisis as long as possible for the sake of $$$$. Too long.

Way, way, way ahead of its time.


Capitalism at its finest.

The News Media is loving the Kyron story as its cheap news that can fill ten minutes of most broadcasts.

Hey, when they are running Free Public Service spots in the 5:PM news hour you know they gotta be hurting.

Freaking vultures.

(But I predict I will buy the Ann Rule book one day in an airport somewhere when it is published in paperback.)

Funny I thought you were talking about KATU

What drives you nuts is maybe there is something among this entire whack pack that the longer they don't find Kyron, the more TV time and more potential contracts.

It just feels like that.


NBC aired a story about the Dianne Downs that included an interview of one of the children who survived and had just come forward 2 or 3 weeks before Kyron's disappearance. Did not seem like a coincidence to me.

Speaking of opportunistic media d-bags, how about the UFO guy on KPAM Saturday night who claimed on the air that he knows a guy who knows where Kyron is, but oops, he ran out of time before he could share what he knew.

Tune in Saturday! Maybe he'll get around to it.

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