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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beavers moving to San Diego area?

Here's a trial balloon in that general direction.

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Ahhh, jack -

That was a done deal two weeks ago,
in that the Padres appeared to have had their fill of Junior Paulsen at that time.

Pauklsen may find somewhere to park the corporate shell of the Beavers, but the Padres triple A farm team will be in the San Diego area beginning in 2011, and the Padres could not care less if Paulson or "the Beavers" are involved.

Way to go junior.

Escondido is a pretty nice little town. Guess they will have to come up with a new name. No Beavers in that vicinity. Perhaps they could be the Coyotes, or perhaps the Kangaroo Rats.

Portland, as a baseball town, started spiraling down when Vaughn Street closed.

I think they've got a spot to play in Vista or San Marcos already. Good for them. At least those N. San Diego County want them. I for one will miss the Beavs.


The City of Portland kissed off minor league baseball with the parking ban around the stadium.

Apparently, only bike riders and bus riders are to attend games.


Memo to Portland: Cars embody indepedence, any other modes embody dependence.

Bye Bye baseball

Hello arugula.........

Cars embody indepedence, any other modes embody dependence

Right ... damn cyclists and their insatiable need for oil ...

Hank, how do bikes embody dependence? Oh, and does your car run on fairy dust? Because that would mean you're not dependent on oil production...idiot...

Gee...we cannot even compete with Iowa's Field of Dreams let alone be a second class city to Detroit.

Thanks Leonard, any more good ideas?

I think Hank should've left bike riders off his post, but I think the gist of his statement is that the city and its mad rush to cram everyone into its planned environment made it more difficult for some people to truly enjoy the park by forcing them to do things the "Portland" way as opposed to the way that makes sense for the baseball fan and his/her (her/her or his/his or whatever) family, group or cabal.

The Sim City Bureau views local residents as unenlightened sims, and the planners, and political types don't give a rat's patootie about anything but planning more choo choo trains, and then forcing people to use them, to pay off the developers, justify the city's bloated budgets , and to feel really cool and European. But many, myself included, chose (choose) to avoid downtown, as the only way to get around became more challenging, and unpleasant for a whole host of reasons.

It's a shame really, but hey, we're gonna have soccer!! If Sam and co. were really hip, they'd force Portland State to call the game they and most of the US plays and enjoys "Gridiron" like an Australian friend of calls our football, so we can be just like Europe and call soccer football.

I can already count on no fingers how many Timbers games I plan to see, and mostly because I don't want to ride the choo choo.

I hear a group from El Paso, Tx. is buying this team.

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