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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bad penny

Ever since we discovered pdxmugshots.com, we've been heading over there now and then to see if anyone we recognize has been busted in Multnomah County lately. In particular, we keep searching to see if David Wilson, the "Welches" con man who commits petty theft by deception day after day, for a living, ever gets picked up.

So far, no, but check out this guy, Wyman D. Wilson. He is doubtlessly costing the taxpayers thousands with whatever his problem is. Starting on April 24, he's been booked no less than six times, five of them on charges of "INTERF W/PUB TRANS," which we assume means interfering with public transportation. There are also indecent exposure and offensive littering charges mixed in. Fireman Randy, can't you direct this fellow to one of your loos?

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There are so many sad stories in Portland. Maybe it's always been that way, but after living here more than three decades, sometimes we feel as though the fabric of the place is falling apart.

Comments (3)

Funny, I thought that was shorthand for interfering with pubescent transsexuals.

more people...more visible...more economic distress...more sad stories...

Just to be clear, the charges that guy has been booked are more representative of the criminalization of the poor than anything else. Just examine the statutes. For example, Interfering with Public Transportation could be something as mild as standing under a bus shelter having been "excluded" from tri-met. Among the things you can get excluded for: drinking alcohol on tri-met. wow! serious criminal.

Offensive Littering? That's anything that "degrades the natural beauty" of....the sidewalk? the street? such objects of beauty...

Indecent Exposure? That "crime" has been ruled unconstitutional a number of times in relation to our beloved naked bicyclists. Its most often used to prosecute homeless people for peeing in a park or something like that. Not stuff that I like to see around, but the story and the comments miss the larger point.

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