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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A smear and cheers

No Pulitzer for this story in today's Willy Week -- if that's all they've got on Dudley, he could actually win -- but here's a crackling good local angle on World Cup soccer.

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Wow. The headline for that WW story should be:

"Look at us! We got a hold of some internal emails!!! And even though there is ZERO story in them, or even anything vaguely interesting, we're going to write it up anyway, so that you'll know that we got some emails!"

The Mercury tries this guilt-by-association thing all the time. It is soooo weak: "You'll never believe who this GOP candidate is working with! Someone who has long been active in GOP politics!"

No way!!! What a scoop! And could it be that the Dem candidate is also working with people long active in Dem politics? I can't believe it!

Nice "journalism."

Yes but meanwhile, Mayor Facebook is busy making important decisions about the future of Portland:


Now *that's* leadership. Next week, I hear he's taking on the thorny task of choosing City Hall floor janitorial products.

Next week, I hear he's taking on the thorny task of choosing City Hall floor janitorial products.

That's just an excuse for him to hang out in the men's room.

Actually, I think the cleversons over at WW were just dying to use the phrase "Dudley Do Wrong"...so they found something (anything) they could...slow news day.

I'm pretty sure last year they ran an article on the city's credit card spending. Obviously this sounded like a interesting read with lots of embarrassing charges, 4-5 pages later it turns out there really weren't any.

I think if someone spends more than a couple hours researching a topic it gets in, story or not.

If that's the worst that they can come up with, then Kitzhaber is screwed. The only way that guy gets elected is to make the opposition look worse than him, because we already know what he's about.

A guy called a lawyer about a non-story, in a non-story. Well done, Willy Week. That's certainly something that needed reporting.

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