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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A classic runaround

A friend of ours encounters bloody indifference among the local cops down around Sisters.

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Wow, talk about Keystone Kops. There cannot be so much going in Sisters that they didnt have the time to check it out.

I think it's more serious than Keystone Cops. Maybe gross negligence or whatever legal term applies. This just seems so consistant with the lazy, lack of concern seen in most in public "it's not my job" representatives. No wonder so much public money is wasted.

Now if it was Portland all he would have said was ... Bicycle!

What a collection of numb nuts in blue. Who's on first?

Lucky for the professor that he wasn't bleeding to death himself on Black Butte trail. I wonder how this op-ed will effect response times to any potential 911 calls from his Camp Sherman cabin now?

And cops wonder why some of us think they are worthless.... and if they are collecting their salaries and doing their jobs like this, I think it qualifies as theft of honest services.... dial-up the losers at DOJ

I think some of you might have this story all wrong....

For a different (non-lawyer) perspective, here is a comment from the article:

"Not really sure what Steve's real motives were here. Was it to inform us about how bungeling and incompetent LE is? Here's a news flash Steve: I think most of us are aware of that. We understand that LE just pretends to know what the hell they're doing and have it all under control. And I think we finally understand after all the cop generated killing of unarmed citizens, that we also understand that cop training is very lacking.
I hate to sound jaded but I wonder how much Steve really cares about all this. Maybe Steve just wanted all of the Northwest to know he's got a cushy law teaching job, a cabin in Sisters, a Prius to get there, and that he has aspirations to be a true crime novelist.
Hey Steve ; why don't you do a little pro-bono work on the James Chasse case? Give something back to your community for all the success and comfort you've found in life. Let's see if you can crack this conspiracy to cover up a homicide at the highest levels of our local juristictions. This case far supercedes your story about Barney Fife."

Larry, sometimes things are what they appear to be. I don't know Stephen Kanter personally, but I did take his Criminal Procedure and Constitutional Law classes a few years ago. The clarity, attention to detail and passion in the Oregonian article are exactly what I remember from his teaching. I believe the article clearly reveals Prof. Kanter's motives. He is a sincere person who is passionate about the law. We are lucky to have him in the community.

Had I found a blood-stained sock in the woods, foul-play would'nt necessarily come first to mind. Perhaps a hunter used it to wipe blood from his hands after gutting or skinning an animal. Perhaps some poor hiker with badly blistered feet discarded it. Do you really expect the cops to come running out to the woods to fetch a bloody sock? If the cops had to track down every blood-stained garment found in the woods, they'd have time for little else. This guy is expecting too much from a severely under-staffed law enforcement system.

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