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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup shocker

The Swiss beat Spain.

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I was up trying to entertain this great country of ours so I missed the first half - but the second half was ELECTRIC.
Anybody who thinks soccer is boring should have watched this match.
The announcer called it "nerve-shredding." Isn't that perfect?
He also said no team that has lost its first match has gone onto win the Cup. But if that trend can be broken, Spain could be the team.
The other thing that got me was the passage of time. Remember Torres when he was a long-haired teenager? He now has short hair and a more manly expression, but he missed some golden chances that I found hard to believe remembering the brilliant young man of a few years back.
The craziest play besides the goal itself, was when this Swiss dude kept the ball in close for what seemed like half an hour before kicking one off the post. He was so poised and patient considering how close in he was. Brilliant.

We are stunned. It's like Leonard not giving a no-bid contract to Shaff's water engineer buddy.

Merritt Paulson has learned something from the World Cup. Next time he unveils a new logo, he's going to bring in those vuvu horns to drown out the Timber Army.

I was expecting the Swiss to declare their neutrality and sit this tournament out.

I have been avoiding sites that spoil soccer scores til I can watch them in the evening after work. 'spose I'll have to have a hiatus on here until the WC is over.

Heat Map! Now that's a great use of technology!

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