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Sunday, June 13, 2010

What you missed in England-U.S. soccer match

You can see what you need to in about two minutes -- and without overwrought announcers -- after a 10-second commercial here.

England's in white, USA in blue.

And for the coolest place to see the whole schedule of what's been and what's to come, try this.

Comments (8)

The British goalie sure screwed up. It was almost like he had oil on his hands.

Good one Bill.....go Spain!

I love that calendar. Very cool. Thanks!

The Timbers Army hoodlums chanted swear words during the unveiling of the new Timbers logo. Why are these idiots even allowed into the stadium? They are always looking to cause trouble and bring negative attention to themselves. The only good they will ever do is if they drive the Paulsons out of Portland so we can bring in an owner we can actually be proud of.

Most of America thinks footb...er, soccer...is dull. ABC's choice of commentators didn't do much to change that perception. Snooooze city.

What Howler! The limey's should get a goalie next time, not a goat. BTW- are those horns wielded by the fans the most annoying thing ever?

In case anyone else is having trouble with the FIFA video timing-out, here's a version that gets the point across (pun intended).

Martin Tyler (play by play) is fantastic. He is the voice of the EPL on Skye Sports and has been for a long time. Some of you just like to complain about, well, everything.

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