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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 1970-D penny mint mark vertical anomaly

We continue to plow through the 20 years of pocket-change pennies that our reader, Ben, turned over to us for closer perusal. These days we're into the 1970s. Picking through the cents from the first year of that decade (or the last day of the preceding decade, for you nerds out there), we've been watching intently for the coveted 1970-S small date specimen. No dice so far, but in the course of that hunt, we noticed something else that we haven't seen anyone else write about in our study of all things Lincoln penny:


There are quite a few of both in our assemblage, which means that neither is going to be more valuable than the other. But come on, numismatic experts of the world -- you should have told us! There appear to have been at least two different pennies to track down from the Denver mint that year.

UPDATE, 9/16/11, 2:18 a.m.: More on this fascinating subject here.

Comments (2)

Fun project. I hope you are introducing your daughters to statistics and data gathering with this treasure trove. It would make a great data set to play with.

Do you know for a fact that one is not worth more then the other? I just found out the different D location yesterday. I am catching up also.

I also have a 1987 D where the mint mark is above the date and on the rim. Do you know anything about this?

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